5 Supplements That Really Help Burn Fat

5 Supplements That Really Help Burn Fat

Top Supplements That Help to Burn Fat

Fat burner pills and other drugs are really controversial and a bit too risky for health. Those pills are said to be helpful, increase the rate of metabolism, reduce fat, and all the weight problems you have been having, they are also claimed to be a miracle worker. However, no matter how much they work or how fast they show results, they are harmful to your health big time. A lot of drugs are also not approved by the Food and Drug Administrations. So how to solve the issues related to weight and fat in the body? There are many natural supplements that can help in solving this problem and help you lose weight easily. We here have listed the top 5 supplements that really help burn fat. Read till the end to know more about these supplements and how they can assist you with your issues.

  1. Caffeine

First up, Caffeine. A lot of people think that caffeine is only found in coffee, however, that is not true. There are other items in which you can find caffeine such as green tea and cocoa beans. Caffeine is a natural fat burner and is highly used in commercial products. It helps to increase the metabolism rate which then helps in burning fat from the body. According to many studies that were done on caffeine, it can boost metabolism up to 15-17 percent for a couple of hours. Although the increased metabolism is temporary, however, it can still help you to burn fat till the time it lasts.

It is also observed that the effect of caffeine is more on lean body type people than obese people. So, you need to have the patience for it to do its job. Because it is imperative to understand that it is a natural supplement, not a miracle worker, so the results are going to be slow. It is also advised that you do not take too much caffeine too often as your body will gradually start getting used to it and hence get immune to its effects.

There are no particular supplements in order to consume caffeine, just a few cups of strong coffee, or green tea, or even a few cups of sugar-free hot cocoa can do the trick. All these beverages contain caffeine in them.

  1. Green Tea Extract

It is obvious to mention green tea extract as we just mentioned green tea in the above point. Just so you know, there is not much difference between green tea and green tea extract. Green tea extract is simply a more concentrated version of normal green tea. It comes in the form of a capsule or powder. Just like we mentioned above, green tea/green tea extract is rich in caffeine, making it the natural fat burning supplement. It also contains the polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate or also commonly known as EGCG, and this compound will help you burn body fat.

There is a process called thermogenesis, in which the body fat and calories are burned in order to produce heat by combining two compounds. Green tea extract and EGCG compounds complement each other very well in this process. And to prove this, many studies have been conducted, and their analysis state that both these compounds can burn fat 16 percent more than usual. And the combination of green tea and caffeine can burn up to 70 calories more than usual. To make the most of it, take 300 to 500 mg of green tea extra each day, which is equal to drinking 3 to 5 cups of green tea each day. Either way, it will help you to burn fat and calories from the body.

  1. Protein 

When you want to burn fat and calories, or you are aiming to build muscles, protein is the best source to solve all your weight and fitness-related issues. Whether you take it in the form of powder or solid food such as eggs and other types of meats, when you are working out, make sure to consume it. High protein intake will also help in preventing the body muscle mass. Quite a few studies were conducted on obese people or slightly overweight people, and the studies told that the results were significant in the people who consumed a high protein diet rather than the people who consumed a normal protein diet. In fact, with some people, the effect of a high protein diet was doubled. Not only this but protein also helps to increase the levels of hormones like GLP-1, CCK, and PYY. These hormones curb your appetite and reduce the levels of hunger hormones ghrelin in the body. So, when you eat less, the consumption of fat-rich food and other carbs is reduced.

It is great to consume protein in its natural form such as meat, eggs, seafood, poultry, etc. However, people today are busy, they are unable to make a proper meal for themselves which contains high protein. So, you can also opt for protein powder as it is also a great supplement to burn fat.

Make sure to buy carb-free and sugar-free protein powder when you are trying to lose weight or else, it will have an adverse effect.

  1. Soluble Fibers

When you look into the details, you will find 2 types of fibers – soluble and insoluble. But, when compared, soluble fibers are more useful when you want to burn fat. Just like protein, soluble fibers too will help to curb your appetite. It too increases the level of PYY and GLP-1 hormones along with reducing the level of the hunger hormone ghrelin. When you consume fiber-rich food along with fats, the body will absorb more fiber rather than fat. It also slows down the process of nutrients reaching the gut, which takes more time for food to get digested and absorb more nutrients. This entire process helps in reducing the consumption of fat and also burns the fat that is in the body.

  1. Yohimbine

It is a tree-based substance that is found in the Pausinystalia Yohimbe’s tree bark. This tree is usually found in western and central Africa. This too will help in curbing your appetite. According to a study, athletes who consume Yohimbe were able to burn their body fat 2.2 percent faster than the normal rate.

You might feel that 2.2 is a low rate, however, athletes have a lean body, so 2.2 is quite a good rate according to their body type.

It is advisable to consume 10 mg of Yohimbe twice a day, daily. However, more research is needed to be done on this supplement and this can even have side effects such as nausea, anxiety, or high blood pressure. 

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