Weight Gain: Reasons for Sudden Weight Gain

Weight Gain: Reasons for Sudden Weight Gain

Top reasons for sudden weight gain 

At some point in our life, we all experience a change in our weight and it is quite common to gain or lose weight over time. However, if someone is gaining more weight in a short time and especially in that case when the reason is not clear then could be a signal for the poor health situation. If you are experiencing unwanted weight gain which is not because of any serious health condition then the reason for sudden weight gain could be – 

  • When you are eating more
  • Irregular Menstrual Cycle 
  • Decrease in metabolism because of age
  • Improper or less sleep 
  • Stree, irritation, anxiety
  • Retention of water because of excess salt and dehydration 
  • Perimenopause and menopause

If you are experiencing a sudden gain in weight because of some other reasons that are not mentioned above then you should visit the doctor as any other reason could have some serious consequences. The doctor can suggest some fat burners if it’s due to fat.

Below we are discussing the possible 11 reasons for sudden weight gain and what you should do to avoid or reduce the gained weight. 

  • Medication

This is one of the most common reasons which is seen in a lot of people as there are some medicines or medical treatments which can give a sudden weight. According to research there are some medicines which can affect so badly for instance you can gain weight upto several pounds in a single month as a side effect of these medicines.

These are some of the issues that needs to be treated with the medicines which can provide you unwanted weight – 

  • Problem of high blood pressure
  • Diabetes 
  • If someone is taking treatment for psychiatric disorders or depression
  • Seizures

Make sure you are not stopping the use of any drug without discussing the same with your doctor. He can tell you a better solution for this.

  • Insomnia 

As I already mention, improper or less sleep can cause the issue of weight gain. Also, if you make changes in your sleep cycle then it can have adverse effects on multiple things such as your eating pattern and mood. Sometimes lack of sleep motivates people to overeat. Study in 2013 explained that people who are experiencing insomnia are taking in more carbohydrates than what is required to match with the needs of energy that results in weight gain. Also, in the same study it has been shown that people are consuming more calories than what is required, this becomes more after taking a meal at night. 

  • Quitting smoking 

In the beginning of the cycle when a person quits smoking he may gain some extra weight in his body. A lot of experts and researchers worked on this fact and gave the reason, because nicotine increases hunger and also because these symptoms of withdrawal often include stress and that increases the process of overeating. 

Research has proven that 1 kilogram (kg) is the common weight advantage withinside the first month after quitting cigarette smoking. According to the same research it has also been shown that a lot of people gain weight in the initial 3 months after quitting smoking tobacco products. This rate of weight gain starts reducing after completing the period of continuous 6 months. 

However, modifications in weight because of quitting smoking can range relying on the individual. The identical studies discovered that there are sixteen percent of human beings who lose weight instead of gaining in the initial three months of this process and on the other side there are approximately 13 percent people who have gained weight more than 10kgs.

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS

People who are dealing with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) also complain that they gain weight effortlessly round their center period of the process. Because of PCOS, ovaries start producing extra male sex hormones which is not good fo health.  

Other signs of PCOS encompass:

  • abnormal periods
  • Extra hair at the back, chest, or stomach
  • Pimples
  • Loss of hairs or thin hairs
  • Darkish patches of pores and skin across the armpits, breasts, or neck

If you are experiencing the problem of PCOS then you must know that there is no proper treatment of this problem. In this situation, your health expert will suggest you to do some changes in your lifestyle like following a routine of regular exercise that keeps your body healthy, taking a healthy diet that includes sprouts, dry fruits, fresh fruits and other things that can provide you with sufficient amounts of proteins and vitamins. All these practices will help you to reduce the symptoms. To control these symptoms you can also take help of hormonal medications. 

  • Heart Failure 

Sudden increase in weight or swelling in the specific regions of your body may be because of fluid retention and can be a signal of coronary heart failure.

According to the American Heart Association, it has been said that if a person is getting 2 to 3 pounds weight within 24 hours or 5lb in just a week then it can be because of heart failure. 

However, it’s far crucial to observe that someone’s weight generally fluctuates by some kilos over the duration of 24 hours. If their weight returns to ordinary and that they are not having extra signs, then this not permanent increase might be because of ordinary bloating and fluid retention.

If blood is flowing slowly to and from the coronary heart, it influences the feature of different main organs withinside the frame. As a result, fluid collects withinside the tissues, which can lead to  gained weight and swelling.

With things gained weight, some people are experiencing swelling in particular regions that are – 

  • belly area
  • ankles
  • legs
  • foot

Other major symptoms of a heart failure may include – 

  • Fluid amassing in the lungs (pulmonary edema)
  • Common coughing
  • Feeling breathless whilst resting
  • Dizziness or confusion
  • Lack of urge for food
  • Facing difficulty in sleeping

If you are facing any of the above symptoms along with the increased weight problem or unwanted welling at specific regions which is mentioned above then you should seek a health professional without any delay. Even if you can join a gym and take steroids for burning fat and building muscle if it suits you but that too after taking suggestions from a doctor or a health professional.

The above are some of the major reasons for sudden weight gain. Along with this, some type of kidney problem, cirrhosis, thyroid disorder, and Cushing syndrome are some other causes of weight gain. If you are gaining weight because of the above-mentioned reasons then it is recommended to you to take proper treatment with a well-experienced doctor. 

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